Sunday, 22 November 2009

Stir-up Sunday

. . . is today, but I haven't made my own pudding yet. (I have bought the ingredients. I am going Sarah Freeman, and that means suet. I shall be testing it at book group.) I did however stir someone else's pudding, and made a wish, so it's OK. Tomorrow I am making chicken broth for invalids. This weekend I have eaten home-made baklava (not by me) which was suitably sweet and calorie-laden, and my first mince pies of the season, from Konditor & Cook, which were outstanding. I know, it sounds like the training diet of an Olympic rower.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Not long now folks....'s all go. We haven't stopped eating and trying new things and the ideas are coming in thick and fast. We plan to set the dates for the new year pretty soon so keep a look out. Cat is polishing the silver and choosing just the right crockery from her vast collection. We'll launch with some great English classics to keep off the chill and get the wood burner fired up...

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Enrobed stem ginger ...

... from Charbonnel et Walker is an extremely elegant present, and a real treat to have with coffee. So thank you, dear D, for giving me some last weekend. I have enjoyed it very much.

Friday, 6 November 2009


When I woke up this morning I was not expecting to find that I had become part of a functioning supper club with an actual blog, that's for sure. I was in a bit of a tizz because my highly enterprising friend D, whom you now know, had been slightly dismissive of my potted shin of beef idea, suggesting instead her own fine oriental-themed menu. But she has redeemed herself, having telephoned this morning with the news of our new cyber-gastro etc presence. I am having a bit of an unemployment crisis at the moment, so when she rang I was titivating my curriculum vitae, calling in favours, and contacting my contacts. No I wasn't. I was making bread pudding. What else would I be doing on the brink of destitution? I've eaten it now; it was delish. A friend came to lunch and we had quinoa stewed with red and yellow peppers, and grilled goat's cheese, followed by the bp and sour cream – an eccentric but nonetheless successful meal.

Arrrrrrrrrgh! Here we go!

After much excited conversation last weekend, we've (Cat and Deb) decided to start a new supper club, based on the New York model of getting folks together for great grub and even better company. Well, hopefully the food and company will both be amazing. Arf arf. We both love to cook and I (Deb) have been cooking for groups of friends for years.....including great dishes from the USA and Mexico following a few years living in New York and Texas. Cat (a former cookbook reviewer for the Telegraph) knows a thing or two about food, in fact has more cookbooks than Books for Cooks. She turns out fabulous food and has a great flair for detail and ingredients.

Cat's place is perfect, cosy with wood burning stove and lovely kitchen....great location in West'll be the Posh to my Cockney. Cat is very posh. I drop my t's and h's, and I think she thinks that's cute. No? Oh well.

Last night we emailed ideas, and Cat's going for superb exquisite English classics like potted beef. I was thinking more Japanese & Asian influenced grub. Or Mexican. Think we'll take it in turns to set the menu, and be gracious about it. It'll all be good. We've been helping people put on weight for years. Or were they always chubby little buggers?